Change of Address: Culebra?

After filling my love bucket with my favourite people in the world at home, it was back to the boat with Bill and Julie gracing us with their presence for a week. We drove through a snowstorm going to the airport at 6:30 a.m. (finishing as I started), and our flights were several hours late departing – the hazards of winter travel in Canada. Ralph, waiting for us in San Juan, was starting to panic thinking we’d miss the last ferry back to Culebra, which departs Fajardo at 7 pm. We made it, and had a slightly bouncy ride –I could tell I did NOT have my sea-legs after 2 weeks ashore! Even with a double dose of gravol before departure, I spent some time standing at the rail staring very hard at the horizon. (I consider it a win if nothing actually comes up.)



I was tired, Julie was sick with a nasty cold and plugged ears, and we had a lovely low key week, hanging around the west side anchorages, playing with the paddle boards, snorkelling for Bill, nights of Mango Rum, Bailey’s, gorgeous moon rises and raucous games of Monopoly Deal EVERY night (we were totally hooked – even Ralph played and had fun!) Snorkel slideshow photography credits to Bill Wickett.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Bill and Julie walked from Carlos Rosario on the path over to Flamenco Beach only to be stopped at the parking lot at Flamenco and told to go back because the path was closed. (I might have told them if there weren’t actually workmen around they could probably just walk around the barrier and nobody would care. Oops.)  Carlos Rosario is a great spot, but we had another rocky night there. For those of you who wondered in an earlier post what carved the clefts in the cliff:


Just before departure, we went around to Dakity for some calm seas. The water was so flat behind the reef you wouldn’t even know we weren’t on solid land, and dinghy exploring netted a few nice shells. Bill spotted this starfish just off the boat.


The day after Bill and Julie departed, we paddled almost to the sandbar in the Dakity anchorage, and I counted 24 starfish of different colours and sizes in 2 shallow patches of sand along the way. It was amazing! Next day, the wind was up a bit, but we made it all the way upwind to the sandbar. I looked for shells, but hadn’t taken my water shoes and it was rough walking, so I only found a few small sea urchins and 1 lovely puffy sand dollar, which made it back to the boat before I broke it – those things are so very fragile.

Even though our guests are gone, we’re still in no hurry to move on from Culebra, and our excuse is we’re waiting for a west component wind so we can actually sail to our next stop in the USVI. Plus one of the engines had a leaking water pump and needed Ralph’s TLC. With the engine all fixed up, water tanks filled, and my order of UV clothing delivered, we’re in good shape for waiting while we swim, paddle board, listen to music, clean, read, go to bed early, and I work on novel #2. Loving life!!



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